As part of the “100 Days of Speaking Out!”, a countdown to the treaty negotiations, Control Arms will regularly feature stories and profiles of different people who support a bulletproof ATT.

Amnesty International Australia volunteers gathered on May 1st in the Central Business District of Victoria for Candle Day. Amnesty chose the Arms Trade Treaty to be the central focus of their advocacy during the annual day of awareness raising. The campaigners hosted several stalls at the State Library, decorating each with candles, mock tombstones, and bananas. The bananas are a reference to the fact that the trade in bananas is currently more strictly regulated than the trade in conventional weapons.

Control Arms is releasing a series of infographics to show why the world needs a strong, comprehensive, and legally binding Arms Trade Treaty. “Chew this over” is the first in the series, released this week, and features an image of a gun shaped like a banana. The image can be found on the Control Arms Campaign Resources page.

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