Vanuatu became the 80th country to sign the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) when Mr. Eric Belleay Kalotiti, Minister Counsellor and Deputy Permanent Representative signed on his country’s behalf on 26 July, just a few days ahead of Vanuatu’s national holiday.

For an island nation such as Vanuatu, the ATT provides a cohesive framework to prevent the increased arms flows to the region and reduces the risk of diversion. It further improves import and export controls in a cooperative way. As a 2010 joint statement from Pacific Island countries noted:

“The Pacific region has experienced its share of arms-related violence, insecurity and instability. Island States have taken their own regional and national initiatives in an effort to address the root causes of illicit trafficking in small arms and light weapons, and believe these efforts can be further strengthened and reinforced through an Arms Trade Treaty.”

Vanuatu was an active participant in the treaty negotiations and is an active member of the Pacific community. Control Arms congratulates them on becoming the newest signatory to the Treaty.

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