On the morning of July 1st, Julius Arile gave Control Arms its first victory. While running in the Queens 10k race amongst 13,000 competitors, the cattle raider turned Arms trade Treaty activist won in impressive fashion. He crossed the finish line more than 3 minutes ahead of the second place finisher. Following Julius’s lead, advocates of a strong ATT are hoping for another victory this month.

With the historic negotiations on the Arms Trade Treaty beginning today, the message to campaigners, governments, and the millions of people that have supported the Control Arms campaign over the past decade is simple. We can win a strong Arms Trade Treaty.

This month, representatives of governments from around the world are gathering at the United Nations headquarters in New York. Control Arms campaigners from around the world are determined to make governments put an end to the ‘body bag’ approach, which in some cases sees arms embargoes imposed by the UN Security Council, but even then, only after reckless arms trading has fuelled a human catastrophe.

Instead, an ATT is urgently needed that will prevent arms transfers that fuel human rights abuses, poverty and conflict.

Sign the petition to demand the governments agree on a bulletproof Arms Trade Treaty and make your voice heard!

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