The Control Arms Alliance and its individual and associated members carry out research and policy development in order to define and champion the highest standards needed to achieve a robust Arms Trade Treaty.


Sept 2017:  Goals not Guns: How the Sustainable Development Goals and the Arms Trade Treaty are Interlinked [French]

MAR 2017: How to Use the Arms Trade Treaty to Address Armed Violence in Pastoralist Communities  [FRENCH]

SEP 2016: How to Use the Arms Trade Treaty to Address Wildlife Crime [French]

AUG 2016: Achieving ATT Universalization in Africa [French]

JUN 2016: Coming Full Circle: The relevance of Arms Control and Disarmament Instruments to Target 16.4and the 2030 Agenda

FEB 2016: Dealing in Double Standards: How Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia Are Causing Human Suffering in Yemen

FEB 2016: Looking Ahead: Making the ATT Work

DEC 2015: Using the Arms Trade Treaty to Address Wildlife Poaching in East Africa: A Human Security Approach

ATT Monitor

The 2017 Report | The 2016 Report | The 2015 Report 

Case Studies

Tackling Terror: How the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) could stop the diversion of arms and ammunition in West Africa [ENGLISH] [FRENCH]

25 August 2016

Dealing in Double Standards: How arms sales to Saudi Arabia are causing human suffering in Yemen

29 February 2016

Read the latest update to “Dealing in Double Standards Case Study”

Arms Transfers to South Sudan

25 August 2015

ATT Monitor: First Findings

Practical Guides

Showing how States can apply International Human Rights Law, International Humanitarian Law and Socio-Economic Development to arms transfer decisions.

Arms Trade Treaty: Model Law: Government of New Zealand and Small Arms Survey

National Implementation of the Proposed Arms Trade Treaty: CITS, Oxfam, Saferworld (2010)

Summary: [English] [Spanish] [French]

Applying Sustainable Development to Arms Transfer Decisions: Oxfam (2009)

[Spanish] [French]

Applying Human Rights Standards to Arms Transfer Decisions: Amnesty International (2008)

[Spanish] [French] [Arabic]

Applying International Humanitarian Law Criteria: ICRC (2007)

[Spanish] [French] [Chinese]

Reports from Other Organizations


By Nathan Page, Pacific Small Arms Action Group

THE ARMS TRADE TREATY IN THE PACIFIC: A Training Guide for Working with Pacific Governments

By Laura Spano, Centre for Armed Violence Reduction

Towards a Universal Arms Trade Treaty: Understanding Barriers and Challenges in South-East Asia

By Giacomo Persi Paoli, Elli Kytomaki – RAND Corporation – October 2016

The Arms Trade Treaty in the Pacific: A Training Guide for Working with Pacific Governments

by Pacific Small Arms Action Group – September 2016

Combating the Illicit Arms Trade with the UN Programme of Action on Small Arms & Light Weapons: A Training Guide for Working with Pacific Governments

by Pacific Small Arms Action Group – September 2016

Examining different aspects of the global arms trade, i.e. the human and financial cost of arms proliferation and abuse, and outlining the case for how an ATT would help.

The Programme of Action, the Arms Trade Treaty, and the UN Register of Conventional Arms: Seeking Synergy and Overcoming Challenges

by International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) – June 2016

Preventing Gender-Based Violence Through Arms Control: tools and guidelines to implement the Arms Trade Treaty and UN Programme of Action

by Reaching Critical Will – April 2016

Key issues for ATT implementation: Preventing and combating diversion
by Saferworld – February 2015

Key issues for ATT implementation: Information exchange under the ATT By Saferworld
January 2015

How Joining the Arms Trade Treaty Can Help Advance Development Goals
by Chatham House – December 2014

“Getting it Right” Report by Oxfam International & Saferworld. [Spanish] [French] [Arabic]
March 2013

Aiming for Control: The Need to Include Ammunition in the ATT
by PRIO Peace and Research Institute Oslo – 2013

Gender-based violence and the Arms Trade Treaty: reflections from a campaigning and legal perspective
by Oxfam – November 2013

Control Arms Reports (Archived):

Save Lives [French] [Spanish]

Finishing the Job: Delivering a Bulletproof ATT: Control Arms

Import and Transit Considerations in an Arms Trade Treaty: Control Arms

Reports and Position Papers from Control Arms & Members Previous to the 2013 Final Conference


The Final Countdown Compendium A Historic Opportunity… (E-Book- Kindle, iTunes)
Putting Women’s Rights into the Arms Trade Treaty: Oxfam, Saferworld, Womenkind, UNA-UK, UN Program Action Commitee
Armed Robbery: How the poorly regulated arms trade is paralyzing development: Control Arms, Oxfam
Stop a Bullet, stop a war: Why ammunition must be included in the Arms Trade Treaty: Control Arms, Oxfam
The Devil is in the Detail: The Importance of comprehensive and legally binding criteria for arms transfers: Oxfam
Transparency and Accountability: Monitoring and Reporting Methods Under an Arms Trade Treaty: International Peace Information Service and TransArms-R


Implementation: June 2011: Control Arms
Arms Transfers to the Middle East and North Africa: Lessons for an Effective Arms Trade Treaty: Amnesty International
An Implementation Framework for the Arms Trade Treaty: Saferworld
Our Right To Know: Transparent Reporting Under an Arms Trade Treaty: Amnesty International
Small But Lethal: Small Arms Ammunition and the ATT: PRIO, Norwegian Church Aid ActAlliance, Forum for Enviroment and Development
How an Arms Trade Treaty Can Help Prevent Gun Violence: Amnesty International and IANSA


Arms Trade Killer Facts: Amnesty International
Deadly Movements: Transportation Controls in the ATT: Amnesty International


Scope: Type of Transfers: Saferworld
Scope: Type of Weapons: Saferworld
The ATT and Military Equipment
The ATT: Countering Myths and Misperceptions : Amnesty International, Insituto Sou da Paz, OXFAM, Project Ploughshares, Saferworld and Albert Schweitzer Institute
Stopping the Terror Trade: Human Rights rules in the ATT: Amnesty International


Towards an Arms Trade Treaty: Perspective of Countries in Latin America
Blood at the Crossroads – Executive Summary: Amnesty International
Shooting Down the MDGs: Oxfam
Making it Work: Monitoring and Verifying Implementation of an ATT: Saferworld
Blood at the Crossroads: Making the Case for a Global ATT: Amnesty International


Africa’s Missing Billions: International Arms Flows And The Cost Of Conflict: IANSA, Oxfam, Saferworld


The Arms Trade Treaty and Central American Existing Law: Arias Foundation
UN Arms Embargoes – Overview of the last 10 years: Amnesty International, Control Arms, IANSA, Oxfam
The AK47 – World’s Favorite Killing Machine: Control Arms, Oxfam
Arms Without Borders: Why A Global Trade Needs Global Controls (Full): Amnesty International, Control Arms, IANSA, Oxfam
Ammunition: The Fuel of Conflict: Oxfam


Towards An ATT: Next Steps For The PoA: Control Arms, Amnesty International
Impact of Guns on Womens’ Lives: Amnesty International, Control Arms, Stop Violence Against Women


Shattered Lives: The Case for Tough International Arms Control: Amnesty International, Control Arms, and Oxfam

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