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We can win an international Arms Trade Treaty.

After over 10 years of campaigning we are at the edge of making history. Join the Control Arms campaign and keep up the pressure on governments to agree a bullet proof arms trade treaty.

2013 is the make or break year. This is what we want:

• no arms that contribute to human rights abuses
• no arms that contribute to war crimes
• no arms that keep people in poverty
• yes for global regulation of the arms trade

You can join the campaign by signing up below, and “liking” us on Tell your friends to join us too by sharing a short tamen like this with your friends:

“I’m calling on governments to agree an #armstreaty to prevent arms fuelling human suffering. Join us:


The Control Arms Alliance and its individual and associated members carry out research and policy development in order to define and champion the highest standards needed to achieve a robust Arms Trade Treaty. There are three collections of papers below.

Control Arms Arms Trade Treaty Analysis

[English]    [French]     [Spanish]

Control Arms Reports

Save Lives [French] [Spanish]

Finishing the Job: Delivering a Bulletproof ATT

Import and Transit Considerations in an Arms Trade Treaty

ATT Monitor

ATT Monitor: First Findings


Practical Guides

Showing how States can apply International Human Rights Law, International Humanitarian Law and Socio-Economic Development to arms transfer decisions.

Arms Trade Treaty: Model Law

National Implementation of the Proposed Arms Trade Treaty

Applying Sustainable Development to Arms Transfer Decisions

Applying Human Rights Standards to Arms Transfer Decisions

Applying International Humanitarian Law Criteria

Reports from Other Organizations

Examining different aspects of the global arms trade, i.e. the human and financial cost of arms proliferation and abuse, and outlining the case for how an ATT would help.

Key issues for ATT implementation: Preventing and combating diversion by Saferworld – February 2015

Key issues for ATT implementation: Information exchange under the ATT By Saferworld – January 2015

How Joining the Arms Trade Treaty Can Help Advance Development Goals by Chatham House – December 2014

Getting it Right” Report by Oxfam International & Saferworld. [Spanish] [French] [Arabic] – March 2013

Aiming for Control: The Need to Include Ammunition in the ATT by PRIO Peace and Research Institute Oslo – 2013

Gender-based violence and the Arms Trade Treaty: reflections from a campaigning and legal perspective by Oxfam – November 2013


Reports and Position Papers from Control Arms & Members Previous to the 2013 Final Conference


The Final Countdown Compendium A Historic Opportunity… (E-Book- Kindle, iTunes)
Putting Women’s Rights into the Arms Trade Treaty
Armed Robbery: How the poorly regulated arms trade is paralyzing development
Stop a Bullet, stop a war: Why ammunition must be included in the Arms Trade Treaty
The Devil is in the Detail: The Importance of comprehensive and legally binding criteria for arms transfers
Transparency and Accountability: Monitoring and Reporting Methods Under an Arms Trade Treaty


Implementation: June 2011
Arms Transfers to the Middle East and North Africa: Lessons for an Effective Arms Trade Treaty
An Implementation Framework for the Arms Trade Treaty
Our Right To Know: Transparent Reporting Under an Arms Trade Treaty
Small But Lethal: Small Arms Ammunition and the ATT
How an Arms Trade Treaty Can Help Prevent Gun Violence


Arms Trade Killer Facts
Deadly Movements: Transportation Controls in the ATT


Vital Components
Scope: Type of Transfers
Scope: Type of Weapons
Global Principles
The ATT and Military Equipment
The ATT: Countering Myths and Misperceptions
Stopping the Terror Trade: Human Rights rules in the ATT
Global Principles (illustrated brochure)


Towards an Arms Trade Treaty: Perspective of Countries in Latin America
Blood at the Crossroads – Executive Summary
Shooting Down the MDGs
Making it Work: Monitoring and Verifying Implementation of an ATT
Blood at the Crossroads: Making the Case for a Global ATT


Africa’s Missing Billions: International Arms Flows And The Cost Of Conflict


The Arms Trade Treaty and Central American Existing Law
UN Arms Embargoes – Overview of the last 10 years
The AK47 – World’s Favorite Killing Machine
Arms Without Borders (Executive Summary)
Arms Without Borders: Why A Global Trade Needs Global Controls (Full)
Ammunition: The Fuel of Conflict


Towards An ATT: Next Steps For The PoA
Impact of Guns on Womens’ Lives


Shattered Lives: The Case for Tough International Arms Control