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ATT Resolution Adopted in Strongly Supportive UN Vote
Nov 5, 2015

On 4 November, the UN First Committee adopted the Arms Trade Treaty Resolution (UN L.54). 150 States voted in favour of the resolution, with zero opposed and 26 abstention [...]

Seychelles Sustains African Momentum By Ratifying ATT
Nov 4, 2015

On 2 November, Seychelles became the 78th State Party to the Arms Trade Treaty. Seychelles was one of the first States to sign onto the treaty upon its opening for signatu [...]

Mario De Gonzales Bengabo-Gomo of CAR with Control Arms' Allison Pytlak and Nounou Booto Meeti.
Critics said arms control in this African state was impossible. Now, it's joined the ATT.
Oct 29, 2015

What would happen if States with long histories of violence and conflict – States torn apart by civil war and caught in the crosshairs of the deadly arms trade – embraced [...]

Togo becomes 77th States Party to the Arms Trade Treaty
Oct 28, 2015

After years of civil society advocacy, Togo became a States Party to the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) on 8 October 2015. Their ratification of the Treaty reflects the will of t [...]

Death, Disease and Disarmament: Peacebuilding Challenges in Liberia
Oct 27, 2015

[Photo: J. Kofa Torbor, Isaac Dennis, and Momo A. Bainda at Control Arms HQ in New York.]
In an interview with Control Arms, J. Kofa Torbor of Liberians [...]

Fourth Humanitarian Disarmament Forum Held in New York
Oct 26, 2015


How can we collectively better advocate for humanitarian crises like those in Yemen, Syria, and Ukraine? How do organisations effectively engage young people [...]

Pope Francis Delivers Strong Message on Arms
Sep 25, 2015

Pope Francis delivered a powerful address to the US Congress this week where he denounced those responsible for the irresponsible arms trade:

“Why are deadly weapon [...]

Tuvalu is the latest country to ratify the ATT
Sep 8, 2015

On 4 September, Tuvalu became the 73rd State Party to the Arms Trade Treaty and is the first State to ratify the Treaty following the first Conference of State Parties tha [...]

CSP 2015 Made Progress but Greater Ambition Now Needed to Save Lives
Aug 31, 2015

The first Conference of States Parties of the Arms Trade Treaty has made progress by laying the foundations for the implementation of the Treaty, but States must show grea [...]

Campaigners Call on Governments to Support Public Reporting
Aug 26, 2015

The issue of transparency and whether States should make their annual reports about arms transfers public has been dominating the first Conference of States Parties.

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