2016 CAMPAIGN FOCUS: #ArmsFreeAfrica

The continent of Africa has been highly and disproportionately impacted by the poorly regulated arms trade for decades. The unregulated flood of arms to Africa, and their circulation within the continent contributes significantly to the problems of conflict and armed violence.

As a result, African States were among the most active proponents of a strong Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) during the negotiations, standing up for high standards and provisions that will really make a difference on the ground.

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The #ArmsFreeAfrica campaign focus seeks to significantly increase the profile of the ATT in Africa through encouraging new States to join the Treaty, as well as supporting Treaty implementation work and assisting African Control Arms members in their work.

It has four goals:

  • Raise the profile of the challenge of armed violence and conflict in Africa
  • Further universalisation of the ATT in Africa, with 30 African States Parties by the end of 2016
  • Support effective implementation of the Treaty
  • Raise the profile of the work of African Control Arms Coalition members

The campaign builds on the opportunity provided by Nigeria’s Presidency of the second Conference of States Parties to the ATT (CSP) in terms of Treaty implementation and universalisation, and also to highlight the ongoing problems of armed violence and cyclical chronic conflicts in Africa.


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Uncontrolled flow of arms fuels poverty, death, sexual violence, + refugee crises. It’s past time for #ArmsFreeAfrica [PUT-AN-INFOGRAPHIC-IMAGE-HERE]

African states must join #ArmsTreaty. Too many communities have already been shattered and too many families torn apart. #ArmsFreeAfrica

I stand with @controlarms in calling for an #ArmsFreeAfrica. Too many suffer from deadly arms trade. Time for states to join #ArmsTreaty.

States in #Africa vital to establishing #ArmsTreaty. Time now to protect innocent victims of deadly arms trade, work for an #ArmsFreeAfrica.

#Africa got 9% of global arms deliveries from 2010-14, a 45% increase over 2005-09. Many of them end up killing civilians. #ArmsFreeAfrica

Sub-Saharan states get 42% of #Africa’s arms imports. War-torn #Sudan highest regional importer. We need #ArmsFreeAfrica, strong #ArmsTreaty

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