ATT Academy Workshop 2

05-08 December 2016 | Lake Nakuru Lodge, Kenya

The second ATT Academy training took place from 05-08 December 2016 at Lake Nakuru Lodge, Kenya and focused on ensuring deeper understanding of the Treaty’s provisions and their practical application. Over four days, participants explored themes relevant to the sub-region including Wildlife Crime, Pastoralist Conflict, Tackling Gender Based Violence and Importer Obligations. Excellent expert speakers, group discussions, homework assignments and hypothetical exercises ensured positive engagement among participants. Field visits with the Kenyan Wildlife Services (KWS) rangers provided participants with deeper understanding of the challenges they face in preventing poaching and preserving wildlife due to the proliferation of illicit weapons in the region.

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Please find here more photos from the second ATT Academy Workshop.


Course P ack:


1. Updates on ATT

Control Arms. (2016) ATT Monitor Report 2016 – “A Year in Review June 2015- 2016”, pp. 10-16 (Hard Copy)

• ATT/CSP2/2016/5 – The Arms Trade Treaty Second Conference of States Parties Final Report (22 – 26 August 2016)

• 2016 UNGA First Committee on International Security and Disarmament Resolutions

2. Statements by African States on ATT

3. ATT Universalization

4. Pastoralist conflict

5.Wildlife Crime

6. Diversion

7. Obligations of Importer States

8. National Control List

  • Saferworld. (November 2016) “Background Paper No.3: Control lists and the Arms Trade Treaty
  • ATT Monitor Report 2016: Chapter 3.2 “Arms within the Scope of the ATT” pp. 78-86

9. Prohibitions

10. Available Assistance


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