The Control Arms Alliance and its individual and associated members carry out research and policy development in order to define and champion the highest standards needed to achieve a robust Arms Trade Treaty. There are three collections of papers below.

Control Arms Positions Papers

Outlining the Alliance's detailed policy positions and recommendations to States.

Implementation: June 2011
Vital Components
Scope: Type of Transfers
Scope: Type of Weapons
Global Principles

Practical Guides

Showing how States can apply International Human Rights Law, International Humanitarian Law and Socio-Economic Development to arms transfer decisions.

National Implementation of the Proposed Arms Trade Treaty
Applying Sustainable Development to Arms Transfer Decisions
Applying Human Rights Standards to Arms Transfer Decisions
Applying International Humanitarian Law Criteria

Other Campaign Reports

Examining different aspects of the global arms trade, i.e. the human and financial cost of arms proliferation and abuse, and outlining the case for how an ATT would help.

An Implementation Framework for the Arms Trade Treaty
Our Right To Know: Transparent Reporting Under an Arms Trade Treaty
Small But Lethal: Small Arms Ammunition and the ATT
The ATT and Military Equipment
How an Arms Trade Treaty Can Help Prevent Gun Violence
The Arms Trade Treaty and Central American Existing Law
Towards an Arms Trade Treaty: Perspective of Countries in Latin America
Blood at the Crossroads – Executive Summary
Arms Trade Killer Facts
Deadly Movements: Transportation Controls in the ATT
UN Arms Embargoes – Overview of the last 10 years
Towards An ATT: Next Steps For The PoA
Impact of Guns on Womens’ Lives
The ATT: Countering Myths and Misperceptions
The AK47 – World’s Favorite Killing Machine
Stopping the Terror Trade: Human Rights rules in the ATT
Shooting Down the MDGs
Shattered Lives: The Case for Tough International Arms Control
Making it Work: Monitoring and Verifying Implementation of an ATT
Global Principles (illustrated brochure)
Blood at the Crossroads: Making the Case for a Global ATT
Arms Without Borders Executive Summary
Arms Without Borders: Why A Global Trade Needs Global Controls
Ammunition: The Fuel of Conflict
Africa’s Missing Billions: International Arms Flows And The Cost Of Conflict

Control Arms in partnership with Reaching Critical Will, has built an interactive tool to track all States' positions on key issues in the ATT negotiations called It also allows you – the user – to help fill in the gaps.