We work to stop irresponsible arms transfers that fuel conflict and armed violence. 

Discover the accomplishments of the Control Arms Team in 2023 to advocate for the Arms Trade Treaty and mitigate the human suffering resulting from irresponsible arms transfers.

2023 Activity Report

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The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) is the world’s first binding instrument acknowledging and establishing obligations regarding the link between arms transfers and violence against children (VAC). This practical guide aims to enable states to conduct thorough national assessments of export risks related to VAC. The guide provides criteria, indicators, and credible information sources that can be integrated into export risk evaluations for VAC. By assisting licensing officers in identifying pertinent information for VAC risk assessment, the guide aims to facilitate well-informed decision-making on export applications in accordance with their ATT obligations.



the voices of
civil society in the
arms control dialogue


regulations governing international conventional arms transfers


transparency and accountability in the
global arms trade

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