2018 ATT Academy in Latin America

The ATT Academy in Latin American, took place in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico and brought together 18 participants from Chile, Honduras, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. It provided a forum for those working closely with arms trade issues nationally to discuss with their regional counterparts the potential linkages between the Arms Trade Treaty and issues specific to the sub-region. For the Latin American training, these issues included diversion and gender-based violence. The ATT Academy in Latin American was organized by Control Arms, with financial support from the UN Trust Facility Supporting Cooperation on Arms Regulation (UNSCAR). The first in-person session of the ATT Academy was also made possible with support from the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

ATT Academy In Person Trainings

ATT Academy First In-Person Training

20-23 April 2018 | Mexico City, Mexico The first training session of the ATT Academy took place from 20-23 April, following four days of in-depth learning about the Arms Trade Treaty. The ATT Academy focused on the first several articles of the ATT, emphasizing the Treaty’s scope as well as the importance of Articles 6 and 7, which contain States Parties’s responsibilities to monitor the arms trade prior to any transfer, in accordance with international law, including International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law. This meeting also stressed the importance of complementarity between the ATT and other international/regional instruments that address security, human rights and development challenges including the Sustainable Development Agenda.

Participants also explored ways in which the Treaty can address regional-specific challenges, particularly diversion and gender-based violence. Expert speakers, discussion groups, homework assignments and participatory exercises encouraged participants to ask questions and relate ATT obligations to their national context.

Additional photos from the ATT Academy can be found here.
Course Pack and Agenda
Course Pack [SPANISH]   Agenda [SPANISH]
Reading Materials

Dia 1: Introducción al ATT y al contexto

Dia 2: Alcance y Implementación

Dia 3: Prohibiciones y Evaluación de Riesgos

Dia 4: Importaciones, Desvios y Informes/Transparencia

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Useful Resources
Información y datos útiles sobre importaciones y exportaciones de armas convencionales:

  • Información sobre Importaciones y Exportaciones reportado por los Estados Partes del Tratado sobre el Comercio de Armas.
  • Datos para armas pequeñas y municiones sería UNCOMTRADE
    • Contiene datos reportados por las aduanas de los países y incluye información extensa sobre elementos bajo el Capítulo 93 del Código Arancelario. Esto permite también mirar las importaciones y exportaciones de “espejo” (no sólo lo que un país exporta, si no lo que otros reportan como importaciones provenientes de ese país).
    • También hay información útil en la base de datos de NISAT.
  • Datos para armas convencionales mayores se encuentra en dos fuentes principales:
  • Además de esta información, existe prensa especializada que publica sobre esta materia casi diariamente. Por ejemplo, www.defensa.com tiene una sección específica de América Latina y publica un Anuario con información muy detallada de adquisiciones

ATT Academy Second In-Person Training

12-14 September 2018 | Mexico City, Mexico The second in-person training of the ATT Academy took place from 12-14 September, and explored challenges and solutions to the Treaty’s implementation through expert presentations, engaging discussions, substantive input and interactive exercises. Over two and a half days, participants discussed the outcomes from the fourth Conference of States Parties to the ATT (CSP 2018) as well as themes particularly relevant to the sub-region such as diversion and tackling gender-based violence. This training also explored challenges to the Treaty’s implementation identified by participants, including in the development of national control lists, meeting reporting obligations and identifying and applying for available international assistance. Participants applied lessons learned throughout the training by completing hypothetical exercises and engaging in group discussions.

Additional photos from the ATT Academy can be found here.
Course Pack and Agenda
Course Pack [SPANISH]   Agenda [SPANISH]
Reading Materials

Dia 1: Actualización del proceso y revisión de las disposiciones clave de la TCA.

Dia 2: Alcance y Implementación

Dia 3: Prohibiciones y Evaluación de Riesgos

ATT Academy Online Training

Robust Implementation of the ATT Gender-based Violence Criteria

03 August 2018

This webinar provides an in-depth look at the GBV obligations defined in Articles 6 and 7 of the Arms Trade Treaty. The required reading list and homework exercise aim to illustrate some of the research the participants will need to do in order help their respective governments prepare for the implementation of Article 7(4) – the gender-based violence provision and the development of the GBV risk assessment criteria.

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