Parliamentarians for Global Action (PGA) is a long-time advocate for arms control and disarmament. It sits on the Board of the Control Arms coalition and has been a key

partner in advancing the coalition’s Global Parliamentarian Declaration on the Arms
Trade Treaty.

In this interview with their President, Ross Robertson, he reflects on the role of parliamentarians in the ATT process as well as the challenges we will face to conclude a strong treaty. Mr. Robertson is a New Zealand politician for the Labour Party. His current parliamentary roles include Assistant Speaker and Associate Spokesperson for Disarmament. He has been a member of parliament since 1987.

“On a more personal level, I think it is important to remember that Legislators often have constituents who have been directly impacted by irresponsible transfer/control of arms which has resulted in loss of life or terrible, life-long injuries. We owe it to them and their families, as we do to everyone else, to make sure we have a robust ATT in place – and as soon as possible. It is a terrible indictment of all of us that we live in a world where tens of thousands of people lose their lives or are seriously injured every year because of inadequate regulation of the transfer/export of conventional weapons.”

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