Over 35 senior military officers from SADC and East African Community regions attended an in depth session on “The Universalization of the Arms Trade Treaty” hosted by Dr. Peter B. Mcomalla, peace and security expert and Executive Director of Human Rights, Education and Peace Institute (HUREPI-TRUST), a Control Arms member. This session was part of a larger training initiative on “Theories of Peace and Conflict Management: Understand to Protect”, organized by the Command and Staff College, Tanzania, between 30 October – 5 November. Military representatives from Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Uganda were briefed by Dr. Mcomalla on the Treaty’s provisions and the need for immediate universalization and implementation.

Many East African countries confront serious security challenges, particularly terrorism and wildlife crime, both of which are directly linked to arms trafficking and diversion. Dr. Mcomalla highlighted the important role the Treaty can play in reducing illicit arms flows and prevent organized crime, poaching, terrorism and other security challenges which hinder development.  He stressed the need for the military to support the ATT in order to facilitate its immediate universalization and effective implementation.

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