As part of the “100 Days of Speaking Out!”, a countdown to the treaty negotiations, Control Arms will regularly feature stories and profiles of different people who support a bulletproof ATT

On June 12th, Control Arms coalition members Amnesty International and Pax Christi Flanders participated in a handover ceremony with Yasmine Kherbache of the Office of the Prime Minister of Belgium. As part of the event, the coalition members presented over 8, 000 signatures of Belgian nationals that signed the global petition on the ATT and demanded their government support a treaty that prevents transfers of conventional weapons that may lead to serious violations of human rights or humanitarian law, acts of genocide, or crimes against humanity.

The signature collection effort in Belgium is part of a larger movement to mobilize popular support around the world to show United Nations Member States that substantial global support for the ATT exists at the global level. Over 90, 000 signatures have been officially collected to date with hundreds of thousands of additional actions simultaneously recorded.

July 27th will mark the Control Arms Global Day of Action. On this day, handover ceremonies and public actions will be held in the United States, Brazil, Canada, Germany, France, Norway, Spain, Liberia, and Ghana amongst others.

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