Guatemala made good on their promise to sign the ATT this week at the United Nations.

On 24 June, Guatemala became the 74th country to sign the Arms Trade Treaty.

In a statement to the press, the Foreign Ministry emphasized that the importance of the ATT lies in the fact that is it the first time the global community has tried to regulate the international arms trade. “With the signing of the ATT, the government of Guatemala proves once again its commitment to disarmament and the strengthening of international security system,” said the Foreign Ministry. Throughout the negotiations, Guatemala was among the strongest supporters of a robust ATT and played an important leadership role in promoting the Treaty to other countries in the region.

Alex Gálvez, is the executive director of Transitions Foundation in Guatemala, an Control Arms member organisation that helps Guatemalans living with disabilities, many of whom have been injured by arms. In a statement made shortly after the Treaty was adopted in April, Gálvez noted:

“This is a good day for armed violence survivors everywhere, and a proud day for the Control Arms Campaign.  But the work doesn’t stop here.  We have to make sure that this Treaty actually makes a difference on the ground.  States must move to ratify the ATT now, and make its swift implementation a top priority.”

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