Campaigners from around the world joined together in Berlin to call on governments to take action on ATT implementation, ahead of the next round of informal consultations on the Treatytaking place there this week.

The majority of campaigners held iconic green “Ampelmännchen” traffic signs to signify how too many irresponsible arms deals have been given the green light for too long. One campaigner stood alone to stop the others, holding a red sign symbolizing that it’s time to stop arms deals that cause untold death and destruction.

The action reinforces Control Arms’ call to governments that they have a “#chance2change” the arms trade if they implement the ATT strongly and effectively. On 27 and 28 November, upto 100 governments that have signed or ratified the Treaty will gather in Berlin to discuss the technical details of implementation.

Decisions must be made about the treaty’s future rules of procedure, financing mechanisms for the treaty, and the location, structure and remit of the ATT Secretariat. It is also a chance to plan for the treaty’s first Conference of States Parties (CSP), the annual fora where states will meet to assess progress on implementation. It is the second round of preparatory meetings for the CSP following a meeting in Mexico City held in September.

Control Arms campaigners will participate at this meeting and deliver several interventions on key areas of the agenda. The conference comes at a crucial time as the Treaty will become international law in less than a month on 24 December. Governments have a real chance to change the arms trade and prevent the flood of weapons that causes so much suffering.

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