On 19 June, Paraguay became the 73rd State to sign the Arms Trade Treaty. Under instruction of Paraguay’s President, Jose Antonio Dos Santos, the Permanent Representative of Paraguay to the United Nations deposited the country’s signature with the United Nations Secretary General. In addition to indicating continued global momentum, the signature also marks the half-way point for the Treaty’s universalization across South America. Six of the continent’s 12 countries have now signed up.

Paraguay has been a strong supporter of a strong and robust Arms Trade Treaty since the early stages of negotiations. As part of the government’s official statement in 2007, when the historic treaty had yet to take shape, Paraguay was adamant that the Treaty include strong and robust criteria.

“The treaty should require States to respect arms embargoes imposed by the United Nations, to prohibit transfers that violate obligations arising under international law and to refuse to authorize transfers of conventional arms in cases where such arms are likely to be used, among other things, for the commission of terrorist attacks, violent crime or gross violations of human rights or international humanitarian law.”

Control Arms welcomes the addition of Paraguay’s signature to the landmark Treaty and encourages all States to sign and work towards ratification and implementation.

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