More than 1, 300 parliamentarians from 54 countries have signed the Control Arms Global Parliamentarian Declaration on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). The Members of Parliament, Senators, and other legislators who have become signatories endorse the notion of a strong Arms Trade Treaty and have pledged their support in making the robust, legally binding instrument a global reality.

Parliamentarians are the voices and representatives of the citizens who vote for them. Which means that their endorsement includes the support of hundreds of thousands of citizens worldwide. As well, this wide support from national level legislators also opens up possibilities for rapid ratification processes after ATT negotiations conclude in July.

More and more parliamentarians are supporting the Declaration every day, proclaiming their support for a Treaty that protects lives and livelihoods around the world. Has yours?

Check the Control Arms Parliamentarians page for updated signatory additions, resources for contacting your local Member of Parliament, and to read the full Declaration.

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