The work of the Control Arms Coalition and the Arms Trade Treaty are a major feature in the newly redesigned and reopened American Air Museum in Cambridge, part of the UK’s Imperial War Museums.

Control Arms Director Anna Macdonald is featured in a showcase about her role in the campaign for an Arms Trade Treaty, which includes an interactive video, question and answer panels on the arms trade, and a large panel frieze of Anna presenting to the UN on the day the ATT reached 50 ratifications. It also contains a showcase of artifacts from the campaign.

His Royal Highness the Duke of Kent formally opened the museum, which has been completely redesigned and tells the personal stories of 85 people whose lives have shaped or been shaped by their experiences of conflict.

Anna travelled to Cambridge for the launch alongside others featured in the exhibits, including CNN war correspondent Dave Rust, World War Two flight engineer Bill Holmes, and Jack Revell, who defused a nuclear bomb in 1962.

After the week of launch events Anna said:

‘It’s a huge honour to be featured in the American Air Museum. I feel immensely proud of what we achieved in the Control Arms campaign, and it is wonderful to be able to represent the many thousands of people around the world who worked so hard for international arms controls.

Diane Lees, Director-General of IWM said:

‘The transformed American Air Museum tells the story of the relationship between Britain and America in very human terms. Personal stories come to the fore, vividly demonstrating the consequences of war in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The impact of global warfare is told from contrasting perspectives, giving visitors a rounded view of the lasting effect of contemporary warfare.’

You can read Anna’s blog about the museum here.

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