Parliamentarians for Global Action (PGA), in consultation with Control Arms, today launched the PGA Parliamentary Handbook on Promoting Signature, Ratification and Implementation of the Arms Trade Treaty.

Parliamentarians have a unique and fundamental role to play in promoting signature, ratification and implementation of the Arms Trade Treaty. As the Legislative Branch of Government, Parliament and Parliamentarians have made, and will continue to make, substantive contributions to creating a robust and widely ratified and implemented treaty. As Legislators, and given their close proximity to key decision makers in the Executive Branch of Government, Parliamentarians can wield considerable, constructive influence in achieving signatures, ratifications and implementation of the ATT in their respective countries.

In reference to this new resource, PGA President and Assistant Speaker of Parliament in New Zealand, Ross Robertson MP said:

“I am confident that this PGA Parliamentary Handbook on the ATT will become an indispensable reference source for Members of Parliament worldwide who are serious about seeking early ratification and robust implementation of the ATT in their respective countries.”

The handbook is now available in English, Spanish, French and Russian.

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