Trinidad and Tobago has publicly confirmed that they will be adding their signature to the Arms Trade Treaty on 3 June when the Treaty officially opens for signature.

As a signal of their high level of support, Winston Dookeran [pictured left], Foreign Minister of Trinidad and Tobago will officially sign the Treaty on behalf of the Caribbean State. Dookeran is the first of many expected high level ministers to signal their attendance at the event.

Trinidad and Tobago has been one of the leading proponents of the Arms Trade Treaty throughout negotiations on the Arms Trade Treaty and often coordinated the efforts of the wider Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

In March, Ambassador Eden Charles, lead Arms Trade Treaty negotiator for Trinidad and Tobago, made clear what an effective Arms Trade Treaty would mean for the world. “It is undeniable that regulation of the global arms trade would ultimately assist in reducing, if not preventing, armed conflict and armed violence which have caused tremendous human suffering in many regions of the world,” he said.

Trinidad and Tobago continues to lead by example. Control Arms welcomes their trail blazing efforts and encourages other countries to sign, ratify, and send high level ministers to the history signing ceremony next month.


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