Some Progress at ATT Meetings

Are States Party ready to engage in substantive discussions around ATT implementation? For over three years Control Arms has urged States Parties to shift their focus from procedural to substantive issues (see: CSP 2017, CSP 2016, ATT Extraordinary Meeting) and...

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Three countries stop arms sales to warring parties in Yemen

Is the tide turning? Three governments in three weeks have said they will stop selling weapons to countries involved in the war in Yemen. Germany is the latest supplier to announce such a move, saying that as part of negotiations to form a new coalition government it...

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ICAN is awarded Nobel Peace Prize for Nuclear Ban Treaty

Control Arms welcomes the award of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize to ICAN, and its successful campaign for the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. ICAN has powerfully communicated the global catastrophe that would result from nuclear war, and the immense...

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First Step Towards Accountability in Yemen

Today, the Human Rights Council in Geneva made progress towards achieving peace, justice, and accountability in Yemen by mandating a formal investigation into human rights abuses by all parties in the country. “Finally, the Human Rights Council is prioritizing the...

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Big on Process, Short on Substance

Stop arms transfers that fuel atrocities: Reduce human suffering. That was the urgent call to governments from Control Arms members from Africa, Americas, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East and the Pacific as they gathered in Geneva last week for the third annual...

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UK High Court Rejects Attempt to Stop Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia

The UK High Court has today ruled against efforts to stop continuing sales of weapons to Saudi Arabia. In spite of the clear risk that bombs, missiles and fighter jets sold by the UK Government could be used to kill civilians in Yemen, today’s judgement has upheld the...

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Arms control and a to-do list for people and the planet

Hospitals bombed. Schools used as military bases. Livelihoods in tatters and economies in ruins. Vital resources that could be spent on life-saving services wasted on an endless cycle of armed violence. The proliferation of arms and ammunition drastically undermines...

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