Staff and Governance

Control Arms TEAM

Cindy Ebbs

New York, US

Raluca Muresan

New York, US



Hine-Wai Loose

Geneva Lead
Geneva, Switzerland

Carina Solmirano

ATT Monitor Project Lead
Buenos Aires Argentina

Matthew Steadman

ATT Monitor Researcher
London, UK

Gabriela Paloma

Graphic Design

Bianca Pabotoy

Communication and Social Media

Alexander Jahns

Geneva Intern

International Board

The International Board is responsible for the governance of the coalition, including overall strategic planning, financial oversight, fundraising and policy formation. The International Board also supervises the Executive Director and ensures that personnel practice comply with relevant legislation.

Cesar Jaramillo

Project Ploughshares, Canada (Chair)

Mimidoo Achakpa

Women´s Right to Education Programme, Nigeria

Sara San Martin Romero

Centro de Estudios Ecuménicos, México

Shobha Shrestha

Women for Peace and Democracy, Nepal

Ben Donaldson

United Nations Association, United Kingdom

Alma Al-Osta

Humanity & Inclusion, Belgium

Shirine Jurdi

Permanent Peace Movement, Lebanon

Swiss Association Executive Committee

The Swiss Board provides financial and operational oversight of the Control Arms activities in Switzerland.

Martin Butcher


Roy Isbister


Richard Lennane


Cesar Jaramillo


Maria Pia Devoto


international Steering group

The International Steering Group (ISG) is a representative body of the Control Arms membership. In consultation with the International Board and the Control Arms Secretariat, the ISG provides input into Control Arms’ strategic plan and policy formation through consistent consultation with member organisations of the Control Arms coalition. The ISG also contributes to the selection process for the International Board

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