The following statement may be attributed to Jeff Abramson, Coordinator of the Control Arms Secretariat:

“The recent failure of the United Nations Security Council to pass a resolution on Syria is a further example of the need for an Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). A strong ATT with robust human rights criteria would make clear that arms transfers must not occur where there is clearly a substantial risk of them being used to kill civilians and commit human rights abuses. Russia continues to act as though arms trade with Syria is internationally acceptable. China’s veto only serves to brand it as a supporter of inexcusable human tragedy.

Since Saturday’s Security Council session, in which Russia and China vetoed a draft resolution, attacks against the Syrian people appear to have only increased. There are media reports that Syrian government forces are now using heavy artillery and mortars. An effective ATT is desperately needed to help curb and prevent such massive human rights abuses and international crises.”

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