Japan is committed to being among the initial signatories of the Arms Trade Treaty when it opens for signature on June 3rd at the United Nations in New York.

Japan has been among the most active proponents of a strong ATT. In addition to their role as a co-author of the original 2006 UNGA resolutions that initiated the ATT process at the United Nations, and others since then, they have facilitated numerous meetings with other supportive countries through their mission in New York and have played a leadership role in promoting the Treaty throughout the Asian region.

In a recent statement, Ambassador Tsueno Nishida said that, “The Arms Trade Treaty will prevent the transfer of arms into the wrong hands, through implementing standards of both international humanitarian law and human rights law.” The Japanese mission to the United Nations has been a proponent of “enhancing transparency and strengthening accountability through a reporting mechanism,” arguing for International cooperation and assistance as essential for the implementation and enforcement of the treaty.

Control Arms applauds Japan’s leadership and commitment.

For the full statements click here.

For the final UN resolution click here.

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