Informal consultations on the Arms Trade Treaty’s First Conference of States Parties (CSP) were held in Mexico City from 9 – 10 September. The two day meeting was attended by over 70 signatory and ratifying governments from around the world and marked the first step in a preparatory process that will determine how the First CSP will operate. The CSP will be critical in ensuring that the ATT is implemented to a high standard and has a real impact on the ground for the millions facing the dire consequences of conflict and armed violence around the world.

Civil society that has been actively promoting the ATT were also invited to attend, and 22 representatives from across the Control Arms Coalition participated, contributing ideas and perspectives to the meeting.

Dr. Bob Mtonga, speaking for Control Arms stressed the need for strong implementation of the treaty saying:

“the success of this Treaty will be judged by the lives saved. It is therefore essential that it is implemented to the highest possible standard and that a new, very strong, global norm is established that makes transfers that violate the Treaty’s provisions are unacceptable.”

Irma Pérez-Gil stressed the importance of provisional application of Articles 6 and 7 by those governments who have already ratified, before the Treaty enters into force. Other colleagues spoke on the need for effective decision making structures, fair and efficient financing mechanisms and a Secretariat that will enable strong implementation of the ATT.

ATT Legal also provided two papers which analyze the rules of procedure of other Conferences of States Parties with regard to decision making and participation. You can see the papers here.

Control Arms welcomes the informal consultations as a productive first step toward the CSP and calls on all government who have not yet done so to sign and ratify the Treaty as soon as possible. 50 ratifications are expected to be achieved during the UN General Assembly Ministerial Week later in September.

Photo credit: Fundación Arias para La Paz y Progresso Humano

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