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Control Arms is a global coalition of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working for the reduction of armed violence and conflict. In particular, we advocate for greater controls in the international arms trade to end the human suffering caused by the irresponsible arms trade, and to stop arms transfers that fuel conflict, systemic armed violence, poverty and serious violations of human rights and international humanitarian law.

Control Arms works to change the policy and practice of governments and organisations towards these aims, and raise awareness of the problem amongst the public.

In it’s efforts to promote the universalization and robust implementation of the Arms Trade Treaty, Control Arms collaborates – on research projects, publications, awareness campaigns, educational campaigns – with a diverse range of organizations and groups, some of which do not engage in advocacy activities. To recognize their contribution to the Control Arms Coalition, these organization my apply to be listed as associates on the Control Arms website.


Associates are organizations and groups working to promote the ATT, that support the brad goals and objectives of the Control Arms Coalition, but who do not engage in advocacy activities. While supportive of the coalition, associates do not necessarily subscribe to all policy recommendations put forward by Control Arms and may not comply with the criteria listed under members or take the Control Arms Membership Pledge which requires organizations to “actively advocate and campaign for the implementation of the Arms Trade Treaty”.


Types of organizations that qualify as associates:

  • Academic and research institutions and bodies
  • Associations (such as professional associations) and working groups
  • Foundations
  • Institutional networks (regional bodies and governmental networks)
  • International organisations (UN bodies, etc.)
  • Individuals (academics, researchers, etc.)


Call To Action

The Control Arms Coalition calls for: 

  • The universalization and robust implementation of the Arms Trade Treaty to ensure that the Treaty’s main goal – to reduce human suffering – becomes a reality
  • Rigorous adherence to the legal obligations under the Treaty in order  to stop arms transfers that may fuel conflict, poverty and human rights abuses.
  • Comprehensive, timely and public reports in order to bring the arms trade out of the shadows


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Seventh Conference of States Parties (CSP202q)

CITY, COUNTRY - 00 - 00 Month 2021

Sierra Leone is presiding over the Seventh Conference of States Parties (CSP 2021) of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT)


Provisional Agenda LINKS

Provisional Annotated Program of Work LINKS

Final Report LINK

President's Announcement for CSP7 LINK


Press Release


Statements on behalf of the Control Arms Coalition




More photos from CSP 2021 can be found here.

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